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Oil Under-Coat MAR

The high-quality Oil Under-Coat is made to give a bonding layer with the final paint and is recommended for use on fragile surfaces which is weather resistant.

Oil paint (high quality) MAR

Luxurious paint with high coverage and ultra-smooth washable, yellowish color and is subject to coloring system with an infinite number of colors by computer.

Paste (thicknesses - soft) MAR


It is designed for settling and processing coarse surfaces and helps to fill irregular small cracks, which are easy to use and engrave.

Water Sealant MAR

A low viscosity base for the processing of concrete surfaces to work on the process of linking the walls, especially fragile and agglomerated.

Acrylic interior-exterior luxury MAR

High quality Acrylics are made in a sophisticated way to give a final washable layer.

High Ductester, excellent adhesion