The company was founded in 1979, its activity was limited in the trade of industrial paints and tools. 

In 1989, the company established a factory for paints manufacture with various kinds. Today, the company is one of the leading national companies in the Syrian market in this field as a result of effort and research and development in cooperation with international companies. 

The company has several branches:
Main Branch: Syria - Tartous - Baniyas - Gul Jammal Street
Second Branch: Syria - Tartous - Mina Street
It also has several agents and outlets in several Syrian governorates. 

The company entered in 1991 in the field of general contracting (mechanical and civil), where many projects were carried out at the public and private sector, including the maintenance and construction of oil tanks, oil transmission lines, power stations and others. 

The company is still under modernization and development.